Top 5 Signs It's Time To Update Your Logo

Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Logo

When you think of McDonald’s or Apple, you can likely envision the look of their logos when you hear the name of each brand. The logo is what your customers often see on your website page and what they see on your packaging. It should evoke an emotional response if done effectively, making it the most important symbol of your organization.

As you maintain the operations of your business, it can be easy to neglect your logo and fail to realize it’s no longer updated or modern. Here are a few of the top signs it’s time to refresh your logo to ensure you can stand out in the industry and attract more consumers.

1. Your Logo is Complex

Complex Logo
Avoid complex logo designs

What do the logos of Target, Chanel, Google, and Nike all have in common? Their logos are simple. If your logo has too many features and details, it can be easy to forget and will fail to stand out. Less is more in this case.

Hire a web designer for logo redesign to ensure it makes a statement and is recognizable. It’ll make your branding appear fresh, modern, and professional.

One of the main challenges of detailed and complex logos is they fail to look sharp on different types of devices and platforms. Consider looking at your smartphone or iPad to determine if the logo needs to be updated to ensure it remains consistent on all devices, platforms, and products.

2. Outdated Typography

The typography in your logo should suit your industry and shouldn’t appear outdated unless it’s nodding to your long history as a business. It’s common for different font systems to become less inspiring over time, making it necessary to update your logo with a relevant and modern font.

Avoid Outdated Typography

3. Too Generic

Take a look at the style and design of your logo to determine if it’s too similar to your competitors. Does it have a similar shape or icon? Are the same colors used as other brands in the industry? If so, it’s time to get creative and hire a web designer who offers logo redesign to refresh the image and make it stand out in the competition to ensure your brand is more recognizable.

4. Your Customers Don’t Care

The purpose of your logo is to evoke a response from your customers. If your audience doesn’t have a connection to the logo, then it’s time to redesign it with the help of a professional web designer. Consider posting a poll or survey for your customers to determine if they think the logo is attractive or matches your goods or services to gain valuable feedback.

5. It’s Boring

Although you may have put a lot of time and energy into the design of your logo, it may need more appeal. Research some of the logos of startups or new businesses in the same industry to see if their designs are exciting or creative. For inspiration, you can even check out the new Kia logo or the New York Yankees logo.

Avoid boring logo design

You could revamp it to include unique shapes that are unconventional or include humor in the imagery that is used. A web designer will listen to your needs, think outside the box, and create a unique logo that gets your audience’s attention to ensure they’re provoked to check out your goods or services.

A web designer will listen to your needs, think outside the box, and create a unique logo that gets your audience’s attention to ensure they’re provoked to check out your goods or services.

Although there are many DIY projects and tasks you can tackle in your business, creating a new logo is a project that is best left to the pros. Working with a professional agency like JC Web Designs can elevate your brand when you want to redesign your logo, whether you’re rebranding or expanding your services.

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